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Practice, Practice and Practice. Fantastic cake smash, birthday photographs.

When you are learning something new. Have a go, review and try again. Experiment, be creative and develop ideas until you feel it works.

It comes across as being great fun. Being a baby, having a wonderful, sweet creamy cake, and the tools to do whatever you like and smash a cake up, all over the place. What fun and excitement. Everybody is different and the first aspect to consider was what to wear. Next the setting, decorations and any other props.

Yes, let us try some props. Balloons? The balloons appear great, yet no cake. It is a cake smash after all!

First lessons learned.

The cake! Importantly, the cake smash should be the centre of the imagery and activities, surely!

Backgrounds and colour.

The best combinations work when the colour is in harmony. Can the background be too fussy? Does it detract from the main event? What about the type of cake? Is chocolate cake the best thing to use? There are going to be divided opinions on this!

First birthday cake smash photography is the perfect example of beautiful chaos. The results are often less beautiful and more messy when you go DIY.

How about a prop?

What appeared to work well was for the baby to have something to hold. A prop that supported the cake smash.

Getting the balance just right.

When trying something new for the first time. Practice, practice and practice. Developing ideas, thinking creatively, and taking risks. All of these help to gain experience and discover new things. How about more plain backgrounds?

The most important thing of all.

What was clearly evident? A successful Cake Smash photoshoot. It is all about the fun!

It helps if the cake tastes good as well!

If you would like to find out more about a fun-filled, fantastic Cake Smash with LJPhotostop. Don't hesitate to enquire via the contact section on the website.



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