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A studio within a studio

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

LJPhotostop - A studio within a studio. LJPhotostop was

formally launched on 15 October 2023. With a range of photographic services, the first and main accomplishment in launching the business was to convert an old ambulance into a portable photographic studio. The concept is to make the client’s life easier. LJPhotostop goes to the client and their business setting, for example, to help with expanding social media content and imagery.

‘Creatively composed and well lit, professional images for social media content sourced from your products onsite, whilst you continue working’. Now surely that must make life easier for you and your business!

Contained with a self-sufficient ‘off the grid’ portable and fully facilitated photographic studio van; creative backdrops, professional lighting and an image processing section, all of which provide the opportunity for you to receive (electronically) ‘there and then’ a series of high-quality images for immediate posting.

As the client, come and interact with the image production itself helping to direct the content in the manner that suits your styling or provide LJPhotostop an overview brief and then select from a series of images created on-site.

LJPhotostop is here to provide:

  • High-Quality Images

  • Creative and Sophisticated outcomes

  • A Personal Approachable Service

Within only a short period - your image/content will be enhanced with the production of high-quality images for you to immediately use and you will not lose any time on your business work by not leaving your business base. It’s got to be good for all concerned. Large-scale item pieces, through to single items in or group settings. LJPhotostop.


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